WhatWeDo header 1We believe in a world where we are all responsible for our planet and everyone on it. We refuse to believe that "business as usual" is as good as it gets - and we're not alone. In fact, when we started out building Open For Change, the number one thing we heard was: "I've been wanting to do something to give back for a long time; I just didn't know how".

Open For Change exists to help everyday people make an impact.

We create tools and provide support so our members can have a positive impact in their communities. We believe the future favours socially conscious business and our profits support proven Social Cause Organizations and people helping others in need. We are more powerful together, and we've developed a system that creates exponential sustainable growth.

Here's how it works:

WWD laptopFor as little as $5, individuals join a vibrant and informed community of contributors on our social platform. Here, they have access to like-minded individuals, discussion groups, volunteer opportunities, and the ability to affect the company's financial decisions with their votes.

WWD factoryOur unique profit model pools membership fees in order to invest them in businesses with a commitment to social responsibility. Candidates for investment are vetted by OFC, based on criteria that considers stability and growth, comparable core values, and a business model that contributes to a positive impact on our planet and its people.

WWD voteThree candidates for investment are presented to our members and they vote on which socially responsible business receives OFC investment funds. OFC invests in the business that collects the most votes.

All profits from our investment portfolio are divided into three equal portions
WWD peoplethirdOne third to social causes that help our people.
WWD planetthirdOne third to social causes that help our planet.
WWD profitthirdThe final third is reinvested into Open For Change and becomes part of the next round of investment funds.
WWD money-info


OFC then selects three Social Cause Organizations to present a candidate project that would be eligible to receive contributions. Our members vote on which idea is funded with the profits from our investments.

When voting closes, we host a Contribution Campaign, where the winning idea is launched into the community. A Contribution Campaign brings awareness, empowerment, and opportunity to a Social Cause Organization and inspires our members to centre their passions on causes they connect with.

Contribution Campaign #1
Beneficiary: BCSPCA | Contribution $13,302.25

Contribution Campaign #2: Love Inn
Beneficiaries: Inn From the Cold / Metro Community / Kelowna Boys & Girls Club Emergency Shelter | Contribution Amount: $82,409.84

We recognize that an active community is a powerful community so we have created a system for tracking and sharing engagement. By being an active participant on our social network and in our communities, members earn GameChanger points and placement on our Leader Board. More points translate into increased opportunities to become involved with directing the efforts of OFC.

For example, a member with Bronze status has the ability to earn enough GameChanger points to upgrade to Silver status and unlock more places to cast their votes. Therefore, as an OFC member, your time is as valuable as your money.

If you share our beliefs, we need your help. Join the revolution. The time is now. Together for change.