So who decides how the one third people and one third planet contributions are spent? You! The people of the world, because together you, us and we will come up with the right answers.

All money contributed back to our communities will be evaluated on a strict list of criteria to ensure the sustainability of those ventures.  Everything is going to be researched and we will be hands on with all of the charity organizations.  We are going to ensure that these organizations will use these funds efficiently to help people that are suffering and that funds aren’t diluted by administrative costs.  We are tired of watching donation dollars bleed into administrative costs before the money actually gets to those who are bleeding.  The power is in your hands.  Who gets our help?  You decide.   The only question is.. are You Open For Change?

Membership is an opportunity to help us help everyone. Memberships are the life blood of Open For Change. Each membership is a vote for making a difference for people and the plant. Being a member allows you to join a community who makes a difference. Being a member gives you exclusive opportunity to make decisions about where multiplied dollars are given back. Membership gives hope.

Sustainable. Supporting entrepreneurs that are seeking to meet fundamental needs in our society. We are supporting socially conscious businesses that empower socially conscious consumers. We are proud to take membership dollars and multiply them through the sustainable business ventures of social entrepreneurs. Credible, proven, values driven and feasible.

It is time for all of us to stand together and put our future back in our hands. Together we have the power to create a world where we can all thrive and enjoy. We have the ability to have multiplying impact.