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If you only have a few dollars to donate, we think that’s noble and the world needs more people like you. However, Instead of donating randomly to charities that have unknown administrative costs, we believe that in our hands, by investing your five dollars into socially conscious ventures, we can potentially multiply your donation into effective change. By giving two thirds of all profits back to the world and reinvesting the rest into sustainable enterprises, our goal is to show the world that we can make money while improving the environment and our lives.

We understand that people are Open for Change, but might not know where to start. That’s where we come in, our membership also includes opportunities to volunteer and take part in sustainable change. As a member you’ll receive regular updates of what you, we us are accomplishing together.

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What does five dollars look like to you in your daily life? Maybe a tall extra hot, no whip, non-fat caramel macchiato? Or maybe something similar to that? What if those five dollars could be used towards long reaching sustainable changed?

Are you Open For Change?

Memberships with Open For Change is our way of offering you a safe opportunity to financially invest in social change businesses and play your part in making positive social impact. First, you choose an initial membership level that financially works best for you. Next, you complete the quick registration form to start accessing your online profile and the Open For Change community. Immediately after registration, your money is invested into credible social change businesses. Over time these businesses will produce returns and you will get to vote on which social causes will receive two-thirds of profits.

If you like our process you can continue to invest in these companies and increase your membership level. Memberships are one time only and give you life-time access to voting and the Open for Change community.

Memberships are simple, credible and safe.






One time fee. No renewals. Never expires.

You can upgrade your membership at any time.

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One time fee. No renewals. Never expires.
You can upgrade your membership at any time.