Q: Where should I direct my feedback?

Answer: We would love to hear from you, please feel free to email your feedback, questions or concerns to 

Social Cause

Q: Who do I talk to about becoming an OFC recognized social cause?

Answer: OFC is always looking for new social organizations who also strive for sustainable change. We would gladly be willing to set up a meeting with you to discuss sponsorship opportunities. Please email us at 


Q: How often does OFC produce financial statements for the community to see?

Answer: Our goal is to provide statements on a monthly basis.

Q: Where do I find OFC financial statements and transparency information?

Answer: Follow this link to our Transparency page

Q: What do you mean by transparency, and why is it important to Open For Change?

Answer: At Open For Change, we believe trust and transparency are fundamental to achieving our mission of creating a united community for change. Openness and honesty are our motivation for showing members everything; our financial expenses, community decisions, successes and failures. We are here to help people make change, not inhibit them because we broke trust.


Q: How often does voting occur?

Answer: There are no set time or dates that voting will occur, you will be notified when a new voting opportunity has been announced.

Q: How often will I be able to vote?

Answer: Only one vote per person, per campaign.

Q: What is the difference between the voting levels

Answer: Increased voting privileges;

  • Bronze = Vote on which Social Cause is supported
  • Silver = Vote on which Social Business we invest membership fees.
  • Gold = Vote on the general strategic direction of OFC


Q: Why would I upgrade my membership?

Answer: OFC offers different levels of membership for different levels of engagement. You would upgrade your membership varying upon the change you want to directly create.

Q: How do I upgrade my membership?

Answer: Simply visit our membership page and purchase the upgraded membership. Your membership level will be automatically set to the new level.

Q: What are membership fees used for?

Answer: We invest all membership fees into socially conscious ventures and various social organizations that are also dedicated to sustainable change.

Q: If I start with $5.00 Bronze level, and then choose to upgrade to $25.00 Silver level; how much do I pay for the upgrade?

Answer: You will be required to pay $25.00, each level is full price.


Q: What is "Open For Change"?

Answer: Open For Change is a for-profit social enterprise committed to creating a united community for sustainable change. Our online social platform invites members to make change in their communities by contributing their time and money to credible social organizations. Membership fees from our platform are multiplied and redistributed to the causes our members want to support. We are committed to giving two-thirds of our profit back to society, because we believe in people and planet, before profit.

Q: Who does OFC intend to impact?

Answer: OFC invests in social cause organizations, people in need, environmental sustainability, and various community projects. We intend to impact the marginalized demographics in our society. Too many people in need go unnoticed and without help. We intend to bring light to their lives and the communities surrounding them.

Q: How Does It Work?

Answer: We inspire people to purchase an OFC membership. Membership fees are invested into socially conscious ventures. With the profits of those investments, we contribute back 2/3 to people and planet

Q: What is a contribution campaign?

Answer: A contribution campaign is our way of financially reinvesting two-thirds of our profits back to credible social organizations. Contribution Campaigns are offered to create community engagement and most importantly to have fun while helping others.

Q: Why do we offer a contribution campaign?

Answer: OFC funds and coordinates contribution campaigns for two purposes. First, is to support social cause organizations doing positive work in their communities. Secondly, to encourage people to learn more about our partner social cause organizations. Our goal is to inspire and activate new members of our community to help others.

Q: What does OPEN stand for?

Answer: OPEN stands for Opportunity, People, Environment, NOW!

Q: How does OFC sustain itself?

Answer: OFC sustains itself by investing in socially conscious business venture that return a profit while positively impacting people and planet in the quest for sustainability.

Q: Where did the inspiration for Open for Change come from?

Answer: The inspiration came from the life experience of our CEO & Co-Founder Michael Lavigne.

Q: I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, how can an organization like Open For Change in Kelowna, Canada help my community and me?

Answer: Open For Change strives to enact change by thinking globally by acting locally and to encourage others to join us. You will have access to information and tips on how you can improve your environment and lifestyle right in your own neighborhood.

Q: How else can I get involved with Open For Change and my community?

Answer: Getting involved with Open For Change is quick and easy. Simply sign up as a member and GO. We do all the work for you. We will provide you with local charitable causes, volunteer opportunities, and most importantly sustainable change in our communities reached.

Q: What is the difference between an entrepreneur and a social entrepreneur?

Answer: An entrepreneur serves markets with new products or services for financial return on investment. A social entrepreneur recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage a venture that drives social change, typically with sustainability in mind.

Q: Why did you choose the for-profit model vs non-profit?

Answer: The reason is simple, the non-profit system is outdated. In order to achieve its social goals, an organization needs the flexibility to operate in the marketplace and compete with other businesses and corporations. Non-profits should have an equal opportunity in the marketplace, not only in the pursuit of profits, but to attract young talented passionate and innovative leaders of the future. Being a for-profit corporation just like any other, gives us the potential to thrive in an open market, which turns into even more resources for the causes our members choose to support. When we are looking to create a more sustainable business, community and planet; we believe the for-profit model gives us the best chance.

Q: You claim to be a for-profit social enterprise, what does that mean?

Answer: Being a for-profit social enterprise means in the pursuit of profit, we strive to also create a positive impact on people and the planet, while maximizing profits. We believe together, we can create sustainable projects that yield a return on investment that is measured a little differently, its impact on people, planet and profit